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February 11, 2013
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Feb 9, 2013, 4:18:58 PM
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Dusty Lightning by Tails1000 Dusty Lightning by Tails1000
Just one part of a much larger picture I'm working on. This one took me a little over 2 days to finish, and I admit the backround looks pretty lazy :P. Since the backround wasn't really the focus of this picture I went with something simple.
Hope you guys enjoy anyway :)
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Great-5 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
In my headcanon LD is a brainwashed cyborg supersoldier who was experimented on by scientists and given uber-powerful armor, weapons and training, her desire to get revenge on Rainbow Dash being manipulated by the organization to use her to kill ponies. She and Rainbow Dash fight against each other as rival soldiers, and equals on the battlefield. Also Cyborg Lightning Dust dresses in red and has a mask that obscures the top half of her face, Char Aznable-style. Actually, to be more specific, the scientists actually cut off part of her face and replaced it with electronics.
TheCaringStallion Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
Lightning Dust is epic, nuff said.
RocknRumble Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Student General Artist
YamiKariShadow6 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013   Digital Artist
Bitch pony
nightshade1218 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
I'm faving this image just for the comments. Shit, bro.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
Yeah, I went way overboard with it, I think.
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
I'll take that as a compliment. :D
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Lightning Dust: [charges up] "You're going to regret this, Rainbow Dash. You're gonna regret this for the rest of your life. ...But me? I'M GOING TO ENJOY THIS!!!"
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Rainbow Dash watched as Lightning Dust charges for her offense. Through her pegasi magic, RD could feel the sheer power accumulating inside her - and it was immense. Like her, RD had learned that LD shared Hurricane's bloodline, and with it inherited speed, strength and grace unmatched by most ponies, and had only got stronger since she had unlocked it, like RD had.

She was strong; RD had already witnessed LD annihlating that airfleet that had sent to apprehend her, using weather magic that most pegasi could only dream of, gravitating towards lightning, as par her Cutie Mark. Even now, behind her LD was conjuring a storm that could take an entire city of pegasi to make, harvesting its electric bolts to energize her attack. RD knew like her, LD could bend weather like an extension to her own body, to be able to use it to decimate armies, ravage lands, to impose herself as the greatest, most powerful pegasi there is, no doubt what she planned to do once she had her revenge on Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash grimaced, and held her defensive pose as she hovered in the air, facing LD in the distance. They may be evenly matched in terms of power, and no doubt they could also match each other in terms of skills, but it was one thing to put one's faith in sheer ability alone.

"You have cause enough pain and destruction for one day, Lightning Dust." Rainbow Dash declared, narrowing her eyes, "I'm going to give you one chance - ONE chance - to stand down. If you don't... it'll be you who would be regretting this for the rest of your life."

Lightning Dust merely snorted, and gave almost psychotic grin. RD could see it in her arrogant, contemptuous eyes, and could see a hint of madness in them, "Don't make me laugh, Rainbow CRASH! I'm stronger now than you would even begin to imagine, and you know it!"

LD threw a lightning bolt in RD's direction. RD moved - faster than a pony's eyes could follow - twisting out of the way of the lightning bolt the moment she saw LD's hoof moved, smelling the ozone and hearing its thunder crack of super-expanding air as it destroyed an abandoned zeppelin behind her in one savage blast.

"I knew you were always just jealous of what I can do all the way back then! Why then, you set me up to fall with Spitfire and your crony friends? So you can keep me down and claim credit for yourself, credit that rightly belongs to me!" LD continued her rant. "And by the end of the day, after you finish begging for your life for every day I had suffered since then, you'll be the first acknowledge me as the worthy Scion of Hurricane!"

To that, Rainbow Dash merely smiled. She had only one thing to say. "Lightning Dust, think again."

Suddenly, a blazing fireball came screamed towards her from the rear. It came almost without warning, save for LD feeling a wave of heat suddenly building up behind her. With a cry of surprise, she twisted out of the way and barely dodged it, only to be hit by a second, bigger blast, a firestorm which engulfed her, disrupting the charging of her attack.

But just who could cast a fireball of such size and energy? In a bloody rain no less?!

She didn't had time to think. Slightly tinged, she was blasted sideways, and the air currents picked up around her. High above she caught glimses of dark clouds of the storm she summoned suddenly twisting and churning, descending on her position and engulfing her. She found herself becoming thrown about in a massive tornado. The suddenness and unnatural ferocity means it could only be pegasi made, but she didn't see RD throwing it, or the fireball. Who is - ?

Something blasted way through the twister, and landed a punch right across her face. Before LD could even process what happened, process the pain, another strike hit her in the abdomen, causing her to cringe forward, then stuck her in the back, in the chest, in the thigh, in her left wing, then right...

Again and again it came, each time from a random direction. There was no respite, no part of her was spared It happened so fast - all she could see was a black-colored blur zipping across the air, fast as a bullet.

It took twenty, agonizing seconds of pounding in the twisting maelstrom before the force stopped hitting her. She took the chance - mustering all her strength and speed, , propelled her way forward and punched her way out of the swirling clouds.

She cleared through the tornado, and broke free of the tornado's grip, only to find herself in a fog, obscuring her view in all directions.

Gritting her teeth in rage, she flew up, trying to get above it to get a clear view of her attacker(s). That was when she noticed Then, she yelped in pain as something sharp cut her at her thigh, drawing a thin, deep line of blood where her Cutie-Mark was.

Another came at her, and she barely evaded it as it took two feathers off her wings. Even though she was slightly dazed, knocked off her hooves, with lightning quick reflexes she caught the third, and got a good lock at it - it was a snowflake, a snow crystals packed and supercooled into complex shapes and sizes. Lightning Dust could feel the pegasi magic imprinted into them, making them hard as steel, edges sharp enough to cut through flesh and bone. Direct, controlled air current propelled them through the air like

More came, a trickle that soon became a stream, often stopping and then coming at her from a different direction. LD weaved, dodged, threw a black cloud which followed her and blasted the projectiles with miniature electric bolts, but it wasn't enough to stem the tide - there were simply too many, thrown at her in rapid-fire. The direct, focused barrages became larger within seconds, cutting more wounds on her body, and when the projectiles switched to hailstones, and then to large sharp icicles, her defenses failed.

That was when she noticed a glow in the fog, coming towards her. She couldn't see it, but this could feel what it is, and knew with certainty who was charging it.

But wounded and distracted she was, there was no way she could have dodged it.

There was a mighty flash of light that, for a moment, illuminated the dark skies, and the blast swept through the air and the land below, blowing away the conjured fog all the while. Tumbling rapidly out of its center with a smoking trail was one battered Lightning Dust, having taken direct hit by Buccaneer's Blaze.

She landed heavily upon the ground, amongst the remains of the airfleet she had just so recently and casually destroyed with her awakened pegasi powers, the survivors scrambling out of the way as she carved a crater upon the earth.

Weakly, she climbed her way out of the crater, quick enough to see Rainbow Dash descending and landing in front of her. She stood tall, proud, with an unreadable expression on her face, her body still glowing with a spectral aura around her from her blow.

"H-how?" Lightning Dust asked weakly, "How... did you... do all that?"

"Something you don't have, LD," Rainbow Dash replied simply. She had gone a long way from the boastful hothead she was, "Friends."

Through her unbruised right eye, LD saw the other four pegasi, decked out in Wonderbolt Combat Armour, descending from the sky, hovering next to Rainbow Dash:

Spitfire, leader of the Wonderbolts, mentor of Rainbow Dash and formerly Lightning Dust. Her mane and tail was blazing, and she was holding a fireball on her hoof as she used her unique pegasi magic to split hydrogen atoms from water vapor in the air and ignite them with oxygen into flaming balls of plasma, her own uniqute innate magic protects her from damage, but not others from it.

Soarin, the lead flier of the best Wonderbolt squadron, always fancied using tornadoes as his weapons of choice, and it showed as a small twister circled around him, whirling sounds and wind following its dance, a puppet under his control. Impossible for a green-horn, but an easy feat for a veteran like him.

Thunderlane had been the fastest flier in the academy. His speed is considered insane, even by pegasi standards, and could had easily outraced even Rainbow Dash when she had yet awakened of her Hurricane heritage. When strong hooves coupled with his already strong wings, and light armored gauntlets, any punch he pulled, with momentum of a speeding bullet, could shatter wood and bones. He was a living cruise missile, a hard-hitting thunderbolt.

Rapidfire had always loved racing more than flying, even though she always lose to Fleetfoot. But she didn't earn her name by talking like a machine gun. Over her conventional gear, she wore a customized armour of ice, styled after the Pegasi hoplite armour of old, summoned through pegasi magic, and hovering around her, suspended by smaller air currents, was a myriad of ice projectiles - shurykans of snowflakes and bullets of icicles by the dozens, and propelled to high speeds could shred any defenseless pony in a deadly hail of rapidfire.

They were glowing too, like Rainbow Dash, and LD could see why - On Rainbow Dash's neck was the Element of Loyalty, and she could feel the red lightning bolt channeling RD's own power to the other four, empowering them even further.

On their own, none of them could had been able to match Lightning Dust in combat. Together with Rainbow Dash, however, they had the advantage and co-ordination needed to take her on.

" cheated!" Lightning Dust snarled hatefully as she struggled to stand back up,

"There's never been such thing as a fair fight. You use what you have to win, like when you took on that air fleet." Rainbow Dash replied, narrowing her gaze,
"This was between just you and me!" LD snarled hatefully.

"It should had been just kept between you and us, LD." RD said, shaking her head, "But you kept going after me even after I tried to settle things, and when more innocent ponies were in the way. You forced our hooves. You couldn't leave it be, can't you? You just had to beat me just to assure your own ego. Is that all that you care?"

"You humiliated me in front of Spitfire, you got me kicked out of the Academy!" LD accused "YOU RUINED MY Life!"

Even weakened, LD was still powerful, and she threw a concussive blast of wind, strong and focused enough that it could had punched holes in metal. Instead, it bounced off a wind blast of equal power that RD casually threw front of her.

"There's a real difference between you and me," Rainbow Dash began, circling her. She was never one to like big speeches like those eggheads, but she needed this to stick. "I was really like you once, before I met my friends in Ponyville. Before I was accepted for the Wonderbolt Academy. I wanted to push myself to the limit, to be the best flier in all of Equestria, and I loved swimming in the fame and adoration I got for it."

Rainbow Dash was glaring at LD, but there wasn't any hint of condemnation in them. If anything, there was a hint of pity, which angered LD more, "But unlike you. I had friends that I love, comrades that I value, ponies that I care for, even if I am way above them in some way. And if I have to choose between them and being the best... I would had always chosen them. I had changed for them, I balanced my goals in life for them, I stood by their side so that they would stand by me when I needed them. This is what made me the Element of Loyalty."

"But being the best is all that mattered to you, wasn't it?" Rainbow Dash asked, a sharp question that pierce deep. "You didn't care who got in your way to be the greatest. And what had that got you, besides a ruined dream and becoming a loner that no one loved? And that's why you're so angry at me, wasn't it? You wouldn't blame yourself for it, so you blamed me."

She looked at the carnage around her, "And so, you went this far to get it... and you are still no closer to your goal...Can't you see there's no point to it all?"

RD walked right up to LD. LD cringed, narrowed her gaze, but didn't back away. "It isn't too late, Lightning. You could still turn back. All you have to do is let go, and be my friend."

... For a moment, LD looked down, and her face seemed to soften, becoming downtrodden, as for a moment, just a moment, she looked like she actually considered what RD said, and it was sinking in.

Then, when she got to the point about friends, there was a different change to her face.

LD looked up, and to RD's surprise, she didn't looked intimidated, or scared, or expressing anything of that sort. In fact, to her shock, she was... grinning?

“You think... that I got no friends?” LD suddenly said, barely above a whisper. Her grin widen, and her gaze narrowed to murderous, sinister slits. The look, and what came next, sent shivers down RD and her comrades’ spines. “Oh Rainbow Dash... That’s where you got it all wrong.

Right at that moment, the darkened sky finally began to rain.
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013

Rainbow flinched back at Lightning's sudden turn of mood, as did the other Wonderbolts. Something in the battered mare's eyes--narrowed to thin slits and burning with unholy hatred--made them all sick to their stomachs. The rain quickened, churning the dusty ground into mud as Lightning staggered out of the crater, snarling at her adversaries.

"You think I'm alone here? That it?" She hissed. "Oh, I'm not alone--I just haven't needed any help until've forced my hoof, Rainbow. You and all your cronies."

Lightning's eyes sprang open, wide and firey. Her pupils had shrunken to pinpricks despite the darkness. Her lips peeled back from her teeth into a snarling, horrific grin that looked like it would split her face off her skull. "'s my backup, Rainbow Dash! MEET *MY* FRIENDS!!!

As Lightning screeched into the sky, her eyes flashed green, glowing with arcane power. Emerald fire enveloped her body, shooting into the sky like a beacon. It was a fire the other Pegasi knew all too well.

Thunderlane scowled. "No...not even SHE would do this, not this..."

The fire slackened, leaving a thick pall of smoke as the rain--now reaching a downpour--extingusihed the last embers. Lightning's voice--distorted and flanged--could be heard from within the smoke.

She was laughing.

"Guess what? It turns out that Hurricane isn't the only big-shot in my family tree! Turns out somewhere down the line, one of HIS descendants got 'familiar' with a Changeling! Hahahaha.... ISN'T THAT A SHOCKER?!? I've got SUCH a history, DON'T I?!?"

The smoke cleared, revealing a mare half as tall as Celestia herself. The carapace was Lightning's own sea-foam hue, but covered in tiny spikes and spines almost everywhere, with blade-like protrusions on the hooves. Scythe-shaped fangs curled down from her upper jaw; Rainbow's sharp eyes caught serrations on the edges. The horn was long and spindly, briefly curling into a spiral near the tip before straightening out again. Her eyes were snake-like, but retained their amber color.

"Surprised, Rainbow? Well, you haven't seen anything yet!!" Lightning cackled as she ignited her horn, stirring up a blinding flash of emerald light. Despite the danger of taking their eyes off an enemy, the other Pegasi shielded their eyes.

When the light cleared...they were surrounded on all sides. Hundreds of Changelings now encircled them, fangs bared and eyes glowing green.

"And THESE are the 'friends' I mentioned," Lightning quipped. She stalked toward the other Pegasi, snirking hugely. "Now, what was that you were sayi--"

One of the Changelings convulsed horribly, like it had been electrocuted. The glow vanished from its eyes, and it dropped its hostile posture and turned to the surrounded Pegasi with a terrified expression.

"H-help us, please! She has---enslaved us; hijacked our minds!! Free us, I beg--"
Lightning distigrated him with a single bolt from her horn.

"Hmm... Thought my brainwashing spell was more thorough than that," Lightning grumbled. "Oh well, won't matter much soon."

She pointed a hoof at Rainbow and her comrades, who were already getting into combat stances.

"Slaves...TEAR THEM APART!!"
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